About Scope

For over 40 years, Scope has helped people discover root causes and practical solutions to life’s problems through Biblical Counseling, Life Coaching, discipleship, classes, publications, and more.  Find out who we are in this 8 minute video!


Our mission is demonstrating the sufficiency of Christ and His Word to meet the needs of hurting people. Our passion is seeing people transformed by knowing God as their loving Heavenly Father.


Our vision is to impart the life of Christ to all people, reconciling them to intimacy with God and transforming them into His image by the Holy Spirit.


Scope is fully funded by the donations of individuals and organizations who support our vision as well as those blessed through this ministry.  Your partnership enables us to continue to be a place of training, refuge, healing and grace.

Contact us…

700 N.E. 63rd St.

Oklahoma City, OK  73105

405.843.7778 phone

405.843.7791 fax

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