The Hindrance of Self-Deprecation

By Leasa Forbes

How many times do you dismiss your abilities or desires because you see those around you that are seemingly sooo far ahead or wise or “have it together”?  Paul confronts this problem of self-deprecation in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27.  He gives character to the body parts to express the silliness of envy and self-deprecation among the members of the human body.

Apparently, some Corinthians fell into comparing the gifts and abilities to prove importance and stature; connecting the public or expressive gifts to success and significance and looking at less observable gifts as unimportant (verses 15-16).  And that the misconception of weakness as being wrong and a sign of, at best immaturity, at worst, unbelief (verse 22).

Truth be told, a body that’s been reduced to just one member would not only be grotesque but rather useless (verse 17).

The beautiful manner of the dispersion and diversification of gifts is no accident.  God Himself established them just as He intended.

What does that mean to us?

It means that we are individuals enveloped together into the corporate and communal body of Christ.

It means we aren’t meant to do this life alone.

It means we are important.

It means we were intended to be right here, right now.

It means we can quit comparing ourselves to the pretty people and let them be free to be used in whatever manner God desires, knowing we too are beautiful and not only necessary to get things done, but honored, loved, and cherished.

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